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contractID NRSO
description Maumelle Campground sits along the beautiful Arkansas River, offering boating, fishing and birding for outdoor enthusiasts.
drivingDirection From Little Rock, Arkansas, travel west on SR-10. Turn north on Pinnacle Valley Road and follow signs into campground.
facilitiesDescription Maumelle Campground offers 128 spacious campsites with electric hookups, along with eight large group picnic shelters. Amenities include a dock, hot showers, a boat ramp and playground.
facility MAUMELLE
facilityID 71932
importantInformation NOTE: A special event application is required for any event including, but not limited to one or more of the following: 1.An entry, spectator, or participating fee is charged 2.If you have an anticipated attendance of 100 or more persons 3.An extraordinary impact on project resources is expected 4.Corps personnel provide additional patrols, surveillance, refuse collection, and/or crowd control 5.Event involves the use of concession tents and/or vendors 6.Event involves Bounce Houses/Bump N Jump Inflatables 7.Fishing Tournament 8.Music Festival In addition to the special event application, you may be asked to submit the following information before approval can be granted: (1) proof of liability insurance; (2) event details & description; (3) schedule of events; (4) parking plans. PROHIBITED: Please note that livestock, exotic animals, explosives, loaded projectile firing devices, piñatas, water balloons, and commercial activities are prohibited on project lands unless written permission has been received from the District Commander. If commercial tents are permitted for your special event, please note that driving tent stakes into concrete or asphalt on project lands is prohibited. For additional information regarding Special Event Applications & Permit Fees, please contact the Russellville Project Office at (479) 968-5008. Campground is open year-round High water levels or storm damage may cause park closures Don't Move Firewood: Protect your forests from tree-killing pests by buying your firewood locally and burning it on-site. Visit for further information.
nearbyAttrctionDescription The Pinnacle Mountain State Park is just two miles from the campground. The 13 mountain trails here range from easy to strenuous, and each one promises captivating scenery.
orientationDescription The campground is set on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, a series of navigation pools used to help ships navigate upstream toward Oklahoma. The Arkansas River is one of the Mississippi's largest tributaries, flowing 1,450 miles from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, through to Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Wintering eagles can be seen in large numbers along the Arkansas River. Most of these eagles migrate from Canada and the U.S. Great Lakes region.
recreationDescription The Nuttall Trail runs through the park, offering visitors hiking opportunities. Anglers will find a selection of crappie, bream, hybrid bass, white bass and more. A boat ramp is provided for campers to enjoy the river.