We did this ride in great anticipation to see what Oahu had to offer by way of mountain biking, yet it was early spring and many of the trails were still very wet. We were sent out on this trail because it was mostly dry. The first section on Mokuleia Access Road is paved blacktop, but is an intense, steep climb of about 3 miles. If it is hot and humid at the time, you will surely be challenged. You can go all the way to the top of the mountain (end of the road) to see the weather station up there, and also get some great views from the top. Then, descend back down the road until you see the sign for Public Hunting Area Unit E as this is the turn off for the jeep road on Peacock Flats. This begins a convoluted route of jeep roads and cutoffs which have a GREAT possibility of getting you lost out there. We didnít have a map with us, and it was only through great luck we were able to find our way to the Kealia Trail which leads down to Dillingham Airfield. However, I strongly recommend that you pass on taking the Kaelia Trail, and opt to return the way you came. The reason is that you will be forced to walk your bike down this steep series of switchbacks and bleed off all the climbing you did with absolutely no payoff whatsoever! It would be much better to return to the paved path and coast in a nice leisurely fashion all the way back down. Our descent on the Kealia Trail was miserable!<br />
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I canít stress enough the need to get a good map of this area. The views are great from the top of the trail and you can certainly get some fantastic pictures from up there. However, the jeep trail itself is rather dull, with ups and downs inside the forest canopy as the trail hugs the top of the ridge for most of the distance. If it is even slightly muddy, you will see some of the nastiest slippery mud ever! The combination of mud, a horrible descent, and bad directions combined to make this ride a real dog. It does have some potential if done as an out and back, but even at that, the best I can rate this trail is a 5.


The directions for this loop are difficult to explain, and as such I recommend getting directions at the bike shop located in a shopping center in Haleiwa. We parked at the bike shop, rode out Farrington Hwy for about 10 miles, then made a left on Mokuleia Access Road (it is a paved, gated road). If you reach the airport, you have gone too far! You can also park at the gate (to shave 20 road miles off this ride) but you might find your car windows broken upon your return!