MOUNTAIN BIKING: St. Mary's River Park



I rode the trail starting from the bathrooms, the trail ended back at the parking lot behind the playground. A few things if note, it cost me three dollars to park my car in the lot (honor system) so bring cash, and I heard that the trail is only open March through November. Don't know if that is true. The trail is a multi-use trail, but is clearly built for Mountain bikers. The area has a quite few creek/stream crossings some were fun to bike/jump across others I was more comfortable walking. Most of the trail is smooth fast rolling single-track with few rocks, but lots of roots. This would be a great trail for beginners to push themselves to the intermediate level because of some quick, but technical climbs and descents and a good place for an intermediate biker to have alot of fun and go fast. There are definetly some advanced moves out there to do though to with some technical stream crossings on 2" X 12" boards and a fun log pile to 12' plank balancing beam (located about half of the way through the trail. The white blazes are the main trail but anytime the trail forks it seemed to fork into a more technical route which was more fun and then looped back to the main track. If any locals have better info please add. Will definetly be back.


How to get there:<br />Head North on Route 5 from Lexington Park or South on Rt. 5 from D.C. Exit at Camp Cosoma Rd and follow signs to St. Mary's Park. Once in the park, drive to the far side and park by the bathrooms. A sign marks the trail to the right.<br />I snagged directions from another site just to make sure they were accurate.