F.I.S.H. Foxtrot India Sierra Hotel

Welcome to F.I.S.H., a mashup of several data sources that I've combined to help me explore my adopted state of Washington.

I'm using data provided by the United States Geological Survey,, The Beer Mapping Project, ReserveAmerica, Mapbox and OpenStreetMap to build an application to map a few of my favorite things: fishing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, and beer.

Step 1: find a place to fish.

I've mapped the location of stream flow meters maintained by USGS to help identify stream access points. I'm assuming that stream flow meters are somewhat accessible to the general public.

Please check with local authorities to insure access to the stream is legal and safe at or near the stream flow meter.

Step 2: find a place to camp.

After locating a place to fish, you'll probably need a place to setup camp. ReserveAmerica data is used to map the nearest campsite locations.

Step 3: go for a hike or ride.

When the fishing is flat, go for hike. I've mapped nearby hiking and mountain biking opportunites using data from

Step 4: drink.

Finally, every good adventure should be finished off with a cold brew in the company of friends. The Beer Mapping Project has a great database of brew pubs and breweries.



Site Stats

  • 12,682 Stream flow meters
  • 4,995 Campgrounds
  • 5,261 Hiking trails
  • 4,467 Mountain biking trails
  • 4,177 Brew pubs


  • (bug) links to nearby streams within maps
  • (bug) improve data attribution links
  • (complete) build dynamic map of streams, campgrounds, breweries, hiking trails, and mountain biking trails by state
  • (feature) calculate inverse relationships between fishing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, and drinking opportunities.


All the good .com domain names are taken. I've resorted to using the NATO phonetic alphabet to source a somewhat meaningful name.

Sell Out

If you follow any of the Reserve America links and book a campground I get a bit a cash.